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    Esports Program for Schools

    LANdu is excited to bring esports to a new generation of
    players. Building on our legacy of promoting social connections across different age groups, we are dedicated to bringing the world of esports and gaming to schools.

    Our goal remains clear: to provide an inclusive space where students can explore the gaming world and also learn about teamwork, skill enhancement, and camaraderie.

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    Benefits of Esports in Schools

    Integrating esports in schools provides diverse benefits beyond entertainment and competition, offering students a unique path to develop essential skills.

    Enhance Teamwork

    Collaborate with your teammates to achieve victory and develop essential teamwork skills.

    Improve Communication

    Hone your communication skills by strategizing and coordinating with your team in intense esports battles.

    Boost Critical Thinking

    Sharpen your critical thinking abilities as you analyze game situations and make quick decisions to outsmart your opponents.

    Develop Problem-Solving Skills

    Face challenging obstacles in the virtual world and learn to think creatively to overcome them, fostering valuable problem-solving skills.

    Build Confidence

    Experience the thrill of competition and achieve personal growth, building confidence both in-game and in real life.

    Develop Problem-Solving Skills

    Face challenging obstacles in the virtual world and learn to think creatively to overcome them, fostering valuable problem-solving skills.

    Career Prospects

    The global recognition of esports has opened diverse career paths for students passionate about pursuing their interests professionally.

    Professional Players

    Content Creator

    Broadcasting and Commentary

    Event Management

    Game Development

    Full Day of Esports

    Experience a tailored single-day esports event. Our game selection adheres to guidelines, promoting fair play. Our tournament format prioritizes student engagement, using pre-set computers, official rulesets, and potential for future expansion.

    Games We Offer

    We’ve chosen a game lineup that embodies esports trends and aligns with Melbourne’s school values. This collection provides an engaging and insightful introduction to competitive gaming.

    League of Legends
    or DOTA 2

    Teams of 5v5

    Strategy-focused game that encourages teamwork, quick thinking, and resource management.


    Teams of 5v5

    Tactical FPS emphasizing teamwork, communication, and strategic execution with unique agent abilities.

    Rocket League

    Teams of 3v3

    Soccer and car hybrid promoting reflexes, coordination, and teamwork, alongside communication skills

    Street Fighter 6

    Individual 1v1

    Tests dexterity, timing, and decision-making while encouraging respectful competition.

    FIFA 23

    Individual 1v1

    Virtual soccer capturing teamwork, strategy, and fair play for collaborative decision-making.

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    Individual 1v1

    Inclusive game with Nintendo characters for friendly competition and strategic play.


    The LANdu Esports League for schools is a school-focused gaming competition where students can showcase their skills in various video games. We’re all about promoting competitive gaming in a structured and supportive environment. It’s the ultimate blend of fun, skill, and school spirit

    Prizes will depend on the configured esports plan. The top three teams can recieve medals, trophies, or gaming equipment.

    Participating in the esports in school initiative can enhance teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and strategic thinking skills. It also provides an opportunity for students to develop their passion for gaming into a potential career path.

    Rocket League Qualifiers

    We run Rocket League qualifier games, where students can showcase their skills, teamwork, and competitive spirit. We’re dedicated to fostering a thriving esports community within schools, providing a platform for students to engage in thrilling competition and develop valuable teamwork and strategic abilities.

    Rocket League

    About Rocket League

    Rocket League, a dynamic hybrid of soccer and vehicular gameplay, demands precision, coordination, and teamwork. Players control rocket-powered cars, navigating the arena to score goals and make strategic plays. This unique blend promotes reflexes, spatial awareness, and effective communication skills among participants

    In recent years, Rocket League has become a prominent esports title with multi-million-dollar prize pools in major tournaments. High-profile events, including Rocket League Championships, boast impressive global viewership, attracting millions of fans. The game’s accessible yet challenging mechanics contribute to its popularity, making it a standout in the esports landscape.


    The Rocket League qualifier games are a series of competitive matches where students from the school can showcase their skills in the popular game Rocket League. These games serve as a selection process to determine the best players who will represent the school in the esports tournament.

    Looking to get your school in on the Rocket League action? Just shoot us an email at [email protected], and we’ll fill you in on how to register for the inter-school tournament or have us organize your school’s Rocket League qualifier games

    The rules for the Rocket League qualifier games are as follows:

    1. Each team must consist of three players.
    2. All players must be currently enrolled students at the school.
    3. Matches will be played in a best-of-three format.
    4. The tournament will follow a double-elimination bracket.
    5. All players must adhere to the code of conduct and fair play guidelines.

    The Rocket League qualifier games will take place on an agreed upon date at your school.

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