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Main Event

Season 6

25 May 2024



Get ready for a day of gaming, laughs, and unforgettable moments! With a diverse array of games and a friendly atmosphere, LANdu is the place to be for gamers who love to have fun. Join us and be part of the excitement!

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Spectator Pass

Get access to all the action as a spectator. Watch the competitions and cheer on your mates!



Competition Pass

Take part in the competition and showcase your skills.


Competition Plus BYOPC Pass

For the BYOPC gamer. Compete in everything! Includes table space, 2 power outlets, and 1 ethernet cable.


BYOPC Add-on

Monitor Rental

24” Dell 60Hz Monitor


PC Rental

Don’t want to lug your PC around? Use ours! Games we play are fully updated, just log in to your accounts.
Specs: i7 8700 | 16GB RAM | 3060 Ti | Monitor: 24″ LG 144hz

*We provide basic keyboard and mouse. We encourage you to bring your own peripherals, including headset.


Games for Every Gamer

Check out our full range of games and be sure to register for games your interested in playing.

Tekken 8
Counter Strike 2
Pokemon Stadium
Star Wars Racer
Worms WMD
Street Fighter 6
Goldeneye 007
Fall Guys
Smash Bros
Tetris & Dr. Mario


Tentative schedule, times subject to change


Our Event Team

We all volunteer for the love of gaming. If you’re interested in helping out, send us an email!





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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have a questions? Send us a message on discord of email.

A LAN party is a gathering of people who bring their own computers or gaming consoles to connect and play multiplayer video games together. What sets LANdu apart is our focus on creating a fun and inclusive environment for gamers of all skill levels. We prioritize community building and offer a wide variety of games and competition formats to cater to different interests.

Absolutely! LANdu prides itself on being a family-inclusive gaming community. We encourage gamers of all ages to participate, fostering a friendly and welcoming environment for everyone.

We aim to have a mix of different types of games at each event.

Counter-Strike 2, Rocket League, Smash Brothers and Street Fighter 6 are usually run.

We then try and add a variety of other fun, popular games, both old and new. Please check out our GAMES page to see what we are planning for our next event!

Absolutely! LANdu embraces tabletop gaming as well. Feel free to bring board games, card games, or any other tabletop games to enjoy with your group or fellow attendees during the event.
We welcome volunteers! If you’re interested in helping organize or contribute to LANdu events, please contact us through email ([email protected]) or discord. We appreciate the support of our community.
You must create an account on our site and click the “Register” button next to the game on the GAMES page.
We’ll verify registered users in person 15 minutes prior to game starting. 
Having an account on the website ensures smooth bracket creation and keeps track of user scores. 
Yes! Feel free to stroll up on the day on purchase a ticket. However, if you’re getting a BYOPC ticket, we can’t guarantee that there will be a space available.

With an account, you can sign up for tournaments, join the leaderboard and get cool achievements.

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