• Upcoming: Season 6 Event - May 25th
  • Local LAN Events

    Experience the thrill of competitive gaming at our biannual LAN events.

    Esports Program for Schools

    Empower students with our comprehensive esports programs designed for schools

    We Are LANdu

    Welcome to LANdu – the heart of Melbourne’s western suburbs where gaming and community unite!

    Founded in 2019 by a close-knit group, LANdu is more than a LAN Party; it’s a laid-back community that welcomes all. From thrilling LAN parties to bringing esports to schools, LANdu is your hub for gaming camaraderie.

    LANdu is where the gaming community becomes family, and everyone is welcome. We’re just friends who love a good LAN party, excited to share the LANdu experience with you!

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    LANdu Season 6 Event


    LANdu LAN Parties

    We mix classic LAN nostalgia with a diverse selection of cool games, fostering connections and creating memorable shared moments. While traditional LAN parties emphasize gaming, LANdu goes beyond, prioritizing camaraderie and shared memories.

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    Classic LAN Parties

    Experience the nostalgia of gaming gatherings and reconnect with friends over good games and good times.

    Laid-back Community

    Join our welcoming community where everyone is invited to share their love for gaming and have a great time.

    Friendly Rivalry

    Engage in friendly competition and challenge your friends to exciting gaming battles.

    Passionate Team

    Our dedicated team is passionate about creating unforgettable gaming experiences for our community.

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    LANdu Esports League
    For Schools

    LANdu offers an esports program for schools, providing students with the opportunity to compete and excel in the world of competitive gaming.

    Full Day Esports Program

    Experience a tailored single-day esports event. Our game selection adheres to guidelines, promoting fair play. Our tournament format prioritizes student engagement, using pre-set computers, official rulesets, and potential for future expansion.

    Rocket League Qualifiers

    We run Rocket League qualifier games, where students can showcase their skills, teamwork, and competitive spirit. Winning teams advance to the next round.

    Supporting Beyond Blue

    Our charity raffles have helped us raise $2,804 
for Beyond Blue, supporting mental health initiatives.

    G'day mate!

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