Retro Gaming Coming to LANdu #4

Transport yourself back in time and relive the classics at LANdu’s new Retro Area, stocked by Cytezan (Alan). With almost every console set up and ready to play, and four old-school CRTs to complete the authenticity, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time to the golden age of gaming.

After witnessing the incredible enthusiasm of our attendees towards our N64 at LANdu #3 and our mini retro booth with authentic hardware and CRT TVs at TGX, we’ve decided to take things up a notch at our next event!

The Retro Area will have its own dedicated section at our venue open to everyone to play*, so come and relive your childhood favorites, or introduce your kids to the games that started it all.

We’re hosting a variety of competitions throughout the day, so make sure you purchase a Retro Competition Pass to participate and win prizes!

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in the glory days of gaming. Join us at LANdu #4 on June 24th for an unforgettable experience!

Have any comments or suggestions for our new retro area? Let us know in our discord server!

*The retro consoles and PCs are open to play for Venue Access Pass holders but will be unavailable during competitions.

The Console Competitions

The Consoles

  • Super Nintendo (1990)
  • Sega Mega Drive II (1990)
  • Sony PlayStation (1995)
  • Nintendo 64 (1996)
  • Nintendo GameCube (2001)
  • Nintendo Wii U (2012)

The PC Competitions