At LANdu, we offer a variety of different gaming competitions to suit all skill levels and interests. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a casual player, we’ve got something for you!

Event Details


The event will feature a variety of games for attendees to enjoy, including popular multiplayer PC games such as CS:GO and Rocket League, as well as console games like Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. and retro console games. In addition, we’ll have a dedicated table top gaming area with board games, card games, and miniatures games.


Throughout the day, we’ll be hosting a variety of competitions with great prizes donated by our sponsors. The competitions will include both team-based and individual events, with different games and formats to suit all skill levels. Some of the competitions will be elimination-style tournaments, while others will be round-robin or free-for-all events.


We will also have a range of special activities and features to keep attendees engaged and entertained, including our can stack challenge, video game knowledge trivia, soundtrack quizzes, and other traditional LAN party games. So whether attendees are looking to compete or just have some fun, there will be something for everyone!

Types of Games

At LANdu #4, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of games, including:

  • PC Gaming:
    Our LANdu events feature a wide variety of PC games, from the latest AAA titles to classic favorites. Attendees can join in on organized tournaments or simply play for fun with their friends and fellow gamers.

  • Console Gaming:
    Console gaming enthusiasts will find plenty to enjoy at our LANdu events as well. We provide a selection of consoles and games for attendees to choose from, including popular titles on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo systems.
  • Tabletop Gaming:
    In addition to video games, our LANdu events also offer tabletop gaming opportunities. Attendees can gather around a table to play classic board games, role-playing games, or even try their hand at miniature wargaming.

Competition Formats

Throughout the day, LANdu #4 will host several gaming competitions with various formats, including:

  • One-on-one competitions:
    These will be timed competitions between two players on a selected game.

  • Team competitions:
    These will be timed competitions between two teams on a selected game.
  • Free-for-all competitions:
    These will be quick elimination rounds between players to see who comes out on top.


Our tournaments are our biggest and most prestigious competitions, featuring longer playtimes and bigger prizes. Compete against top players in a high-stakes environment, and enjoy the thrill of double elimination rounds. Get ready for intense gameplay and a chance to win impressive prizes!

Better Prizes
Double Elimination
Longer Play Time

Fun Competitions

Looking for a more casual experience? Join our fun comps! These smaller competitions offer a chance for anyone to win a prize. With simpler rulesets and single elimination rounds, they’re perfect for those who want to compete in a laid-back setting.

Small Prizes
Single Elimination
Quick Rounds

Door Prizes

Every ticket holder is automatically entered into our door prize giveaway, offering a chance to win awesome prizes without competing in a tournament. Plus, we have various random event day giveaways, quizzes, and challenges that all attendees can participate in!


Join our charity raffle to support Beyond Blue! Your contributions will make a difference. Purchase raffle tickets at the event, and the more tickets you buy, the greater your chances of winning fantastic prizes. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Experience the Excitement

Still not convinced? Watch our video highlights from previous LANdu events, showcasing thrilling tournament moments and excited prize winners. Join us and become a part of the LANdu community!