LANdu #4

we played even more games.

LANdu #4
June 24 2023

Ravenhall, VIC

We played video games and had fun in Ravenhall.


It was great having O.G Nerd, Let’s Roll for Dragons, and Pecks Road Doughnuts here at our event!

We are going to continue to grow from here! Thanks to all those who attended and we look forward to seeing you at LANdu #5!


Competition Winners


Rocket League
  1st: wbaran, Z11n0
 2nd: Kezza, Alterra

Super Smash Bros Ultimate
 1st: Cytezan
 2nd: AaronScythe

Star Wars Podracer & Warcraft III
 1st: Caleb

Pokemon Stadium
  1st: Ricky

PUBG Battlegrounds
  1st: Tenragen

CS:GO Wingman
  1st: Kezza, Alterra
2nd: Tenragen, Nickydel

Street Fighter 6
  1st: RoF
 2nd: Phillip W.

Fall Guys
  1st: Z11n0

Halo CTF (random teams)
 1st: Cytezan, SLoV, Drager

Charity Raffle for Beyond Blue

We raised over $1,000 for our chosen charity, Beyond Blue

OG Nerd’s Rumble in the Concrete Jungle

Let’s Roll for Dragons

general photos

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