LANdu #1

the first one.

LANdu #1
Aug 24 – Aug 25 2019

Melbourne Showgrounds
Flemington, VIC

Creating a new casual and competitive gaming event!

LANdu was formed to help expand the LAN party and competitive gaming scene in Melbourne.

LANdu #1 was our first event and attempt, to get as many PC and console gamers under one roof to meet up, team up and compete in a variety of games for prizes and glory!

LANdu #1 ran from Saturday morning until early Sunday (gaming overnight!) and other than competing in video games, we showcased developers, indie games and even ran a cosplay competition.

This event demonstrated that the LAN party spirit is still alive and well, and that gamers love getting together to compete!


the winners

innovator spotlight

see some cool things people are making!

Shape Arcade

A game by Matthew Deline

Workshop Behind the Kerton

3D printing and wood working

Drill 7

by jodogames

the gaming

see pics of people gaming