LANdu at
Grand Prix 2023

we did even more racing.

Australian F1 2023
March 30 – April 2

F1 Grand Prix
Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit, Melbourne VIC

Putting the fun in F1.

The F1 event in Melbourne was a huge success, with our booth attracting thousands of visitors throughout the four-day event.

Our LANdu booth, paid for by Zarbtech and Ravenhall Group, was a standout, with two sim stations featuring Logitech G peripherals and AORUS monitors, and daily time trials with prizes for the fastest lap times.

We also ran a popular Gleam contest, with the chance to win a Logitech G923 Trueforce sim racing wheel or a Gigabyte M32U monitor.

Visitors of all ages and skill levels had a blast racing on our sims, and our sponsors were instrumental in making the experience possible. Check out our photos and details of the setup below.

Thanks to all those who attended and we look forward to seeing you at the next F1!

our racing setup

Our demo booth was the perfect opportunity for visitors to test their driving skills in a thrilling and immersive way. Equipped with Logitech G peripherals and racing wheel, as well as AORUS monitors, the experience was top-notch. 

OUR BOOTH was been fully paid for by Zarbtech and Ravenhall Group



time trial

Thurdsday  (30/03)

  1. Jayden 1:30.924
  2. Owen 1:34:023
  3. Timothy 1:34.817

Friday (31/03)

  1. Mitchell 1:32.324
  2. Jake 1:33.993
  3. Arav 1:34:35

Saturday (01/04)

  1. Jayden 1:29.393
  2. Geoff 1:29.990
  3. Cooper 1:30:013

Sunday (02/04)

  1. Cooper 1:28:495
  2. Jayden 1:29.425
  3. Mitch 1:30.943


GIGABYTE M32U 4k Monitor

Logitech G923 Trueforce Sim Racing Wheel

general photos

see pics of people gaming