LANdu x Charity

Why we Chose Beyond Blue

At LANdu, we believe in making a positive impact on mental health and well-being. That’s why we chose to support Beyond Blue, an esteemed Australian charity dedicated to providing vital support and resources for those experiencing mental health challenges. By hosting charity raffles, we aim to raise awareness and funds to help make a difference in the lives of individuals and families affected by mental health issues.

About Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue is a prominent Australian mental health organization that offers support and resources to individuals and communities facing mental health challenges. Their helpline provides confidential counseling, while their online tools empower individuals to manage their mental well-being effectively. Beyond Blue also engages in educational programs and advocacy efforts to reduce stigma and promote mental health awareness.

Donations are crucial to sustaining Beyond Blue’s impactful work. With each contribution, the organization can expand their reach and provide essential services to more individuals in need. By supporting Beyond Blue, donors contribute to creating a compassionate and supportive society that prioritizes mental health and offers accessible help to those experiencing mental health difficulties.

Past sponsors

Our Charity Raffles

Our charity raffles have been a significant success in raising funds for Beyond Blue. During LANdu #3, our first-ever raffle, we were thrilled to raise an impressive $1,405. The event saw remarkable engagement, with generous sponsorships from HTC Vive and Audio-Technica.

Our second raffle, during LANdu #4, raised $1,051 for Beyond Blue. We were grateful for the support of sponsors such as HTC Vive, Ravenhall Group, and Andrews Hobbies, who played a crucial role in the event’s success.

At LANdu, we are proud to say that all proceeds from our charity raffles go directly to Beyond Blue. By rallying our gaming community around these raffles, we actively contribute to creating a compassionate society that prioritizes mental health and offers essential support to those in need.